Hello and Welcome,

My name is Jenni

I have been a social worker for nearly fifty years, that is 50 years! So I have a rather lofty and long distance view of my profession. I was there at the beginning of the modern profession of social work.

I live by the sea. The sea, ever changing, ever constant, inspiring and scary, wild and beautiful. It is a daily joy to observe its moods and power.

If you live by the sea, you also usually live with sand. I sleep with it too! The dog brings the sand onto my bed and mostly I think I am sleeping on the beach. It’s a very invasive material. I’ll spare you the details.

Social Work. My passion for all these years and now mostly the subject of my blog. A look back and forward at the same time, using the past lessons to inform our future and sometimes to comment on the current ideas.

I am no longer a registered social worker I did my last job in frontline children’s services in 2016. I am also a qualified counsellor. My career has spanned both practice and managerial jobs. Nearly all my experience is in children’s services and particularly in therapeutic residential work. I have run occasional training courses about working with children in public care together with my friend David Akinsanya.  In 2013 I was honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Social Work Awards.

So join me sometimes and together we can look at the building of today’s profession and how we can learn from the past.

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